January 2009 Table of Contents

GreenBuildingAdvisor.com Launches, the Nation's Foremost

Online Source for Pros on How to Build Green in the Real World Read more

Computer, Computer, on the Stand, What Home Is the Most Energy Efficient in the Land?

Computer Allows Builders' Show Visitors to Compare Home Energy Costs Read more

Capturing Carbon Capturing Carbon

A new process mitigates cement's carbon footprint. Read more

Driver Acceptance Fleet Factors Driver Acceptance

Many drivers have trouble accepting passive safety systems in their trucks. Read more

2009's MIPs

The industry's new products, launches, and technologies will be at World of Concrete. Read more

Why is SCC MIA? Why is SCC MIA?

High cost and poor robustness have limited its use, but new batching technology may be the solution. Read more

The New White Powder 100% Chance of Partly Cloudy The New White Powder

A new metakaolin source gives producers a cost-effective way to make high-performance concrete with a smaller carbon footprint. Read more

100% Chance of Partly Cloudy Proving Pervious Concrete's Durability

A proposed test method helps producers assess the surface durability of pervious pavement. Read more

100% Chance of Partly Cloudy Paving a New Way

When Kuert Concrete president Steve Fidler reviewed his year-to-date sales report, he found one glaring success. In a less-than-stellar year, he focused on the summary line of a product that had been positive. While 300 yards doesn't seem like a big number in the scope of his business, the figure was zero in 2007. Other Indiana producers have a similarly positive number. Read more

100% Chance of Partly Cloudy

The clouds may be blocking the sun, but the sky is not falling. Read more

Finding the Right Balance Concrete Returns Finding the Right Balance

The cement industry is adding capacity in a poor market. Read more

A Secret Desire A Secret Desire

The beauty of bridges attracted her for years until she realized she wanted to build them. Read more

Faster Testing for Fine Aggregrate Quality Problem Clinic Faster Testing for Fine Aggregrate Quality

Q. The last few seasons we've had difficulty controlling our water demand and our yields due to the sand's variability in absorption and specific gravity. Our quality control problem is compounded because our stockpile area is rather small. So by the time the lab sends us the sample results, the plant has already used the tested material in shipped concrete. Are there tests that can provide specific gravity and absorption of fine aggregate in a reasonable time period? Read more

The Heat is On The Heat is On

Using a few contractor tools will reduce winter concrete production costs. Read more