May 2009 Table of Contents

The Growth of HPC in Bridges

Work remains if high-performance concrete is to impact future bridge construction. Read more

Idaho Could Save with Concrete Roads

An engineering professor at Idaho State University says the state could save money on transportation costs over time by using more concrete to build roads. Read more

Sustainability Inside and Out Sustainability Inside and Out

Cement-based coatings add to ICFs' green appeal. Read more

Keeping Lightning in the Bottle

Storm protection equipment saves money and lives. Read more

Infrastructure Goes Upscale

Precast retaining walls offer stability and good looks. Read more

Helping to Build Bridges Helping to Build Bridges

The PCA official influences the nation while doing work she loves. Read more

Rightsizing Your Fleet Fleet Factors Rightsizing Your Fleet

With business down, most producers have stopped buying trucks. Read more

Revisiting the Stimulus Concrete Returns Revisiting the Stimulus

Construction industry unemployment has passed 19%. Read more

To Bid or Not to Bid To Bid or Not to Bid

Seeking government work has its own unique set of challenges. Read more

Quick Thinking

Supplying the public works market means being nimble and opportunistic. Read more

A Whole New Market Introduction A Whole New Market

The Infrastructure Issue Read more

A Mix to Mitigate Pavement Noise Problem Clinic A Mix to Mitigate Pavement Noise

Our contractor-customer asked us to provide a mix design for an upcoming concrete paving project. The high-volume road is planned for an area where the county engineer wants to minimize tire noise. The engineer has specified a rather thorough tining program on the concrete surface and has asked us to develop a mix design that would help. Do you have any guidelines? Read more

Where Are They Now? dswedbyyvzwsuaycvvzybbuc Where Are They Now?

. I've been going through some boxes of stuff hidden away in the basement. Many are cartons from two or three moves ago. That's how I found the picture of my fellow classmates from the November 1987 Master Builders management conference. Help us identify these people! Read more

Problem Clinic What is Cellular Concrete?

Q. With the price of asphalt rising despite lower crude oil prices, a contractor told us he may enter theroofing business by providing cellular concrete. What is cellular concrete? Can it be made in a concrete plant? Read more

Peer Connection

The popular Women in Concrete Luncheon pleases the audience. Read more

Weighty Matters Weighty Matters

A new source of magnetite may renew interest in heavyweight concrete. Read more

Going, Going Green Going, Going Green

GreenSite Luncheon looks at concrete's potential. Read more

Best of the Best

WOC attendees and editors select Most Innovative Product winners. Read more

Problem Clinic Pricing Pervious Concrete

TCP blogger Matt Offenburg answers the question: “Is a yard of pervious concrete a yard?” and “Should pervious concrete be bought and sold by the cubic yard?” Read more