September 2009 Table of Contents

Federal, State and Local Elected Officials Voice Strong Support for Lafarge's Major Investment in Upstate Cement Facility

Proposal Would Transform Ravena Plant into New York's Most Advanced Cement Manufacturing Operation and Boost Local Economy Read more

Health debate sidelines transportation bill

The pitched battle over a national health care plan is inflicting collateral damage on other legislation in Congress, with some lawmakers and advocates arguing that it has sidetracked action on other urgent priorities. Read more

Building for the Future

Precast double walls help make college center eligible for leed certification. Read more

Reinventing the Wall Reinventing the Wall

Recycled thin brick makes greener precast wall panels. Read more

Feds Put Brakes on Trucks Fleet Factors Feds Put Brakes on Trucks

The changes in stopping distances affect trucks greater than 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight. Read more

Precast Texas-Style

The PCI show proves everything's bigger in precast. Read more

Producing High-Quality SCC Producing High-Quality SCC

Researchers provide insights on how to improve production techniques. Read more

Crash Bang, Boom Crash Bang, Boom

Precast producer's quick work gets Florida's roads back on track after major accidents. Read more

Concrete Returns Growth Spurt?

We may experience a stronger recovery than expected. Read more

Family Affair Family Affair

Association president encourages involvement in similar organizations. Read more

Biting the Dust Problem Clinic Biting the Dust
Preparing for Winter Concrete Preparing for Winter Concrete

Decreasing fuel use in heating water reduces a product's carbon footprint. Read more