August 2010 Table of Contents

Women in Concrete Alliance Seeks Nominees for Woman of Distinction Award

The Women in Concrete Alliance (WICA) has announced the call for entries for their first Woman of Distinction award. Read more

It's Hip to be Powered It's Hip to be Powered

New hand tools show that efficiency gains begin with the smallest tasks. Read more

Ready for Heavy Duty

Truck equipment manufacturers anticipate producer's needs. Read more

Protecting Your Assets Fleet Factors Protecting Your Assets

Preventing corrosion can save trucks and money, in the long-run. Read more

Shelters from the Storm Shelters from the Storm

Concrete is a preferred construction material for safe rooms. Read more

Producer Pours; Lady Liberty Supervises Producer Pours; Lady Liberty Supervises

Volumetric mixers are ideal for tight spots, such as on tiny Liberty Island. Read more

Making a Green Pavement Gold, or Sunset Rose or Mesa Buff or…. Making a Green Pavement Gold, or Sunset Rose or Mesa Buff or….

Pervious concrete is often described as looking like a gray Rice Krispies treat. Now that color is becoming more common in the pervious market, maybe we can drop the Read more

Slimming Down Slimming Down

Concrete producers adjust to new economic realities Read more

Concrete Returns Hardly a Depression

Many indicators point to an economic recovery. Read more

New York's Concrete Royalty New York's Concrete Royalty

This new gal in town knows her concrete. Read more

Concrete Steals the Show Concrete Steals the Show

The ACI International Convention will show a greener side of Pittsburgh. Read more

Problem Clinic Predicting Service Life of Concrete

Q: We've been asked by a design-build firm to submit a mix design on an upcoming project that may be considered for LEED accreditation. Read more