February 2010 Table of Contents

Keeping it Clean Keeping it Clean

Self-cleaning cement lets concrete offer new environmental benefits. Read more

When Does it Pay to Buy A Hybrid? Fleet Factors When Does it Pay to Buy A Hybrid?

There's a lot to consider, in addition to costs. Read more

Ntea's Work Truck Show The Work Truck Show 2010
Put Your Work Trucks to Work Put Your Work Trucks to Work

Advice for making your fleet more productive. Read more

Power Up With Concrete Power Up With Concretedswedbyyvzwsuaycvvzybbuc

Precast benefits from increased interest in power grid upgrades. Read more

Precast Producers Unite

Find the latest equipment and supplies at The Precast Show, Feb. 18-20, in Phoenix. Read more

Modeling for Concrete's Success Modeling for Concrete's Success

Efforts are underway for BIM technology to aid cast-in-place producers. Read more

Flooring the Competition

Producers have always touted pre-cast concrete as a contractor-friendly building system. Often its design can eliminate extra work at the jobsite and boost safety and speed. So it's not surprising that the use of the Supranos Systems' patented precast concrete structural floor and roof system has grown steadily in Florida over the past 12 years. But support for the system has come from a surprising source: Mason contractors who work on the flooring system report substantial gains in their productivity and margins. Read more

Concrete Returns Soothing Words

The author reassures a young concrete professional. Read more

Meet the First ACI Women Meet the First ACI Women

Women were meeting almost secretly long before female networking became routine. Read more