October 2010 Table of Contents

How Long Can a Ready-mix Truck Wait? Problem Clinic How Long Can a Ready-mix Truck Wait?

We were all set to start when the testing lab's field tech stopped the pour. He said the concrete was too old and he had no option but to reject all of the loads. Was the testing lab's field rep correct in rejecting the loads? Was there an alternative? Read more

The New Green May Be Yellow The New Green May Be Yellow

Can sulfur concrete become a viable green material? Read more

No Dust in the Wind

Dust control equipment improves more than air quality. Read more

The Deal on Wheels Fleet Factors The Deal on Wheels

Wide-base tires can improve fuel economy. Read more

Pervious Power Pervious Power

World of Concrete takes place Jan. 17-21 in Las Vegas. Read more

Green Operator Green Operator

A precaster saves time, money, and the environment. Read more

Reducing Emissions Pays Off Reducing Emissions Pays Off

Producers can earn green by being green. Read more

Stopping the End Run

As the November 19 deadline looms, associates are helping producers learn more and weigh in about using fly ash in concrete. Read more

Municipal - Coyote Ridge Corrections Center TCP's 2010 Greensite Awards Municipal - Coyote Ridge Corrections Center

Connell, Wash. Read more

Commercial - Proximity Hotel TCP's 2010 Greensite Awards Commercial - Proximity Hotel

Greensboro, N.C. Read more

Rehab/Retrofitting - Bordley Randall House TCP's 2010 Greensite Awards Rehab/Retrofitting - Bordley Randall House

Annapolis, Md. Read more

Landscaping - Begent Residence TCP's 2010 Greensite Awards Landscaping - Begent Residence

Del Mar, Calif. Read more

Industrial - Taum Sauk Dam Restoration Project TCP's 2010 Greensite Awards Industrial - Taum Sauk Dam Restoration Project

Annapolis, Mo. Read more

High-Rise - W Hollywood TCP's 2010 Greensite Awards High-Rise - W Hollywood

Los Angeles Read more

TCP's 2010 GreenSite Awards TCP's 2010 GreenSite Awards

The GreenSite Awards proudly recognize the concrete industry's efforts to help define sustainable construction for future generations. The 2010 GreenSite Awards results are in. See whose innovative uses of concrete help to define sustainable construction. Read more

Concrete Returns Time to Cash Out

Corporate America, not housing, will lead the recovery. Read more

The Beauty of Sustainability The Beauty of Sustainability

White silica fume reveals its green side. Read more

Sampling Small Stockpiles Problem Clinic Sampling Small Stockpiles

Q: In a move to keep our costs low, we have been reducing stockpile inventory. Now for small special jobs, we have literally had only one or two truck dumps of coarse aggregate in our plant for the pour. What is the best method to sample for gradation on stockpiles made by single truck dumps? Read more

Concrete Village

Demonstration Read more

Randall Bordel House

Rehab/retrofitting Read more

Erie Art Museum

Institutional Read more

Dust Collection Equipment Dust Collection Equipment

Collect fine particles, Dust control attachments, Designed for the concrete industry, Keep work stations clean, The dirt on dust. Read more