March 2011 Table of Contents

U.S. Concrete CEO to Step Down

U.S. Concrete President and CEO Michael Harlan will step down later this year, the company announced. He will remain with the Houston-based producer while the board of directors searches for his replacement. Read more

A Matter of Time and Money A Matter of Time and Money

A new chute washing system increases driver efficiency. Read more

Opening Locks Opening Locks

Since the Panama Canal opened in 1914, shipping capabilities and ship sizes have grown. As a result, many modern vessels are now too large to fit through the famous waterway. In 2009, a consortium of international companies called Grupo Unidos por el Canal (GUPC), was awarded the contract to expand the canal's capacity with a third set of locks. Check out the products that helped them get the job done. Read more

Riding on Air Fleet Factors Riding on Air

Protect your fleet by maintaining suspensions. Read more

Precast Aids Haiti Rebuilding Effort Precast Aids Haiti Rebuilding Effort

The building system is ideal for disaster-resistant construction. Read more

Conexpo-Con/Agg 2011: Innovation From the Ground Up Conexpo-Con/Agg 2011: Innovation From the Ground Up

The show takes place March 22-26 in Las Vegas. Read more

Buying New Trucks? Be Specific. Buying New Trucks? Be Specific.

Improve your fleet by writing better specifications. Read more

All in a Night's Work All in a Night's Work

Collaboration and ingenuity conquer a challenging concrete pour. Read more

Data Capture Data Capture

Producers strive to collect standard data from different batching systems. Read more

Scheduling With Dispatch Scheduling With Dispatch

Utilizing your fleet more efficiently saves time and money. Read more

Betting on Vegas Betting on Vegas

There was a time not too long ago when any business in and around the gambling mecca of Las Vegas could do no wrong. Tourists and conventioneers mobbed the casinos on the famed Strip to spend fistfulls of dollars earned while the nation's economy soared. Concrete producers were not left out. Drivers lined up their ready-mix trucks at construction sites like hungry Las Vegas tourists queued up for a buffet. Read more

Escaping the Housing Slump Concrete Returns Escaping the Housing Slump

The vacation home market makes an unexpected recovery. Read more

Sustainable Strengths Sustainable Strengths

A new study brings home concrete's greenest assets. Read more

Do Fibers Affect Concrete's Workability? Problem Clinic Do Fibers Affect Concrete's Workability?

Q: We will be supplying ready mixed concrete for a commercial floor project. The engineer of record has added fibers to the project specification. The concrete contractor is now concerned that with this job change, the fibers may slow his placement procedures and has submitted a change order request to place and finish the fiber concrete mix.Does adding fibers affect the workability of a concrete mix? Do synthetic and steel fibers affect slump? Read more

Well-Equipped Well-Equipped

I couldn't help but be impressed by all of the equipment at World of Concrete in January. For a market that has struggled for the past three years or so, the concrete innovations just keep coming. Read more

Health Care for All, but at What Cost?

More provisions of the new law take effect in 2011. Read more