November-December 2011 Table of Contents

A Cat on the Prowl A Cat on the Prowl

The Caterpillar CT660 vocational truck is now on the road. Read more

Finding Fuel Savings Fleet Factors Finding Fuel Savings

Be wary of some too-good-to-be-true claims. Read more

Reinforcement on the Way Reinforcement on the Way

The rebar system is ideal for construction in earthquake zones. Read more

WOC Products for Producers WOC Products for Producers

The Producer Center is a destination for new products at World of Concrete. Read more

Concrete's Main Event Concrete's Main Event

World of Concrete Returns to Las Vegas, Jan. 23-27 Read more

Two Percent Cement Two Percent Cement

A unique concrete mix wins ASCE innovation award. Read more

Wielding Influence 2011 Influencers Wielding Influence

D. Gene Daniel watches out for the interests of the little guy. Read more

A Mind for Math A Mind for Math

Bill Allen is the father of modern valuation theory. Read more

Tuning People in to Concrete Tuning People in to Concrete

Jerry Larson is a leader in promoting roller-compacted concrete. Read more

A Leaner, Meaner Concrete Industry Concrete Returns A Leaner, Meaner Concrete Industry

Debt, housing, and unemployment must improve for a recovery to take hold. Read more

Deciphering the Code

A new building code seeks to standardize green construction practices. Read more

Is Your Aggregate Alkali-Silica Reactive? Problem Clinic Is Your Aggregate Alkali-Silica Reactive?

Q: We received a request to submit proof that our aggregates are not alkali-silica reactive. We've never seen this type of request before in our area. They required ASTM C1260 testing, which we completed and failed. What do we do now? Read more

Outlook for 2012

As we leave 2011 behind and inch closer to 2012, let's take a look at economic outlooks from a variety of sources. Read more

Civic Center Park

2011 Masonry Construction Project of the Year Awards Entry Read more