April-May 2012 Table of Contents

If the Shoe Fits...

Providing an upgraded experience through knowledge is the point at which the experience transitions from generic to specific—and that's when customers will refer you. Read moredswedbyyvzwsuaycvvzybbuc

The Future of Concrete is Here The Future of Concrete is Here

Superplasticizers are not just water reducers anymore. Read more

The Evolving World of Green Concrete The Evolving World of Green Concrete

Green products and technologies create a buzz at concrete's big event. Read more

Quality's Costs Problem Clinic Quality's Costs

Q: I'm a quality control manager for a mid-size ready-mix producer and am dealing with several quality issues which need resolution. I am having difficulties convincing the owner that he needs to increase funding for the quality system in order to produce more consistent concrete. How can I convince him? Read more

Addressing ASR Together Addressing ASR Together

The concrete industry needs a few good knights right now. Our product's position as the world's most durable building material is at risk. Read more

When Rubber Hits the Road Fleet Factors When Rubber Hits the Road

A tire management system helps control producer's costs. Read more

The Emperor's New Clothes Concrete Returns The Emperor's New Clothes

Here are three lessons the recession has taught us. Read more

That's the Spirit That's the Spirit

Famous distillery chooses roller-compacted concrete over asphalt. Read more

Aggregate Moisture in SCC Aggregate Moisture in SCC

TCP has published an excerpt from the book, Self-Consolidating Concrete: Applying what we Know, by Joseph Daczko, published by CRC Press, 2012. This portion examines the importance of controlling moisture in the aggregate that will be used for producing self-consolidating concrete. Read more

2012 World of Concrete 2012 World of Concrete

Optimism Returns to the Big Show. Read more

A Community of People A Community of People

These days, community has gone beyond geography and also refers to any group of people who has something in common, besides living in the same town or neighborhood. Included among these would be ethnic, racial, and religious communities. The Internet has had a lot to do with this. Read more

The Question of Loyalty

CEOs are famous for giving lip service to customer service. Statistics bear out that typically few resources, whether human or financial, are invested in improving the customer experience. Read more