February-March 2012 Table of Contents

Precast Show/ICON Expo Products Precast Show/ICON Expo Products

Review products from exhibitors who will be at The Precast Show and ICON Expo. Read more

SURVEY SAYS: Concrete Comes out on Top SURVEY SAYS: Concrete Comes out on Top

Customers say concrete is durable, easy to design, and less flammable. Read more

Washout on the Spot Washout on the Spot

New waste disposal system is designed for tool and chute cleaning. Read more

Pay Attention! Fleet Factors Pay Attention!

Research shows how dangerous talking and texting really is. Read more

Precast Inserts Precast Inserts

Specialized anchoring hardware helps create strong attachments to concrete elements. Read more

Precast and Masonry Join Forces Precast and Masonry Join Forces

The Precast Show and ICON Expo come together March 1-3, in Orlando, Fla. Read more

Good as Gold Good as Gold

Building features precast cladding made with ultra-high-performance concrete. Read more

Repairing the Mechanic Shortage Repairing the Mechanic Shortage

There are several strategies for finding truck mechanics. Read more

Game Changer Game Changer

New York block producer turns to recycled glass as cement replacement. Check out the web exclusive slideshow featuring more photos from the plant and of the Via Verde construction project in New York. Read more

I Hate it When i'm Wrong Concrete Returns I Hate it When i'm Wrong

The housing collapse's serverity and recession escaped many forecasters. Read more

Growing a Green Community Growing a Green Community

The concrete industry's online sustainability network takes root. Read more

Working With Your Lab Problem Clinic Working With Your Lab

Q: We are experiencing low compressive strength test results on some concrete we supplied to a job. We know it is due to poor testing of the cylinders. How do we convince the contractor and engineer where the issue is? Read more

Roller-compacted concrete testing method

We are seeing more news surrounding one of the more exciting innovations in the concrete industry: roller-compacted concrete (RCC). Read more

Measure It to Manage It

The reality is that we can't manage what we don't measure. And without measurement, things can easily wield out of control. Read more