November-December 2012 Table of Contents

Lifting Safety to a New Level Lifting Safety to a New Level

Most producers think their involvement in crane operator training refers to large gantry cranes or mobile pickers used for plant repairs. Read more

Fuel Saving Strategies Fleet Factors Fuel Saving Strategies

Experts agree: Good driving habits save the most fuel. Read more

A Better Way

Researcher seeks new avenue for precast concrete disposal. Read more

RCC Mixer RCC Mixer

The RCC portable mixer started with the MAO-6000 (5-yd.) twin-shaft mixer has evolved into multiple trailers with a MAO-7500 (6-yd.), MAO-9000 (8-yd.), and MAO-12000 (10-yd.) twin-shaft mixers. Read more

Concrete Cooling Concrete Cooling

Cool your concrete by cooling your cement. The manufacturer's process uses chilled air to cool the cement in standard pigs or silos. Read moredswedbyyvzwsuaycvvzybbuc

Bin Level Indicator Bin Level Indicator

The Model RH economical rotary paddle bin level indicator incorporates locally visible high-intensity LED indication as a standard feature. Read more

Reduce Delivery Costs Reduce Delivery Costs

Dispatch Optimization allows ready-mix producers to optimize all of their dispatch resources. Read more

Capture Nuisance Dust Capture Nuisance Dust

The automated C&C dust collect and convey system captures nuisance dust from silo filling operations and automatically sends it back to the source silo. Read more

Paperless Ticketing Paperless Ticketing

iSTRADA Paperless Ticketing eliminates collecting, scanning, indexing, and filing paper tickets. Read more

Superior Mixing Quality Superior Mixing Quality

The Mobile Twin Shaft (MTS) Mixer combines the simplicity of dry-batch plants with the superior mixing quality of a twin-shaft mixer. Read more

Mobile Hollowcore Plant Mobile Hollowcore Plant

The Weiler mobile hollow core plant increases flexibility in order taking on major projects. Read more

Mixer for Many Applications Mixer for Many Applications

The manufacturer offers five base concrete mixer models from which to choose, with up to 12 yards of capacity and production rates up to 75 yards/hr. Read more

Pervious Concrete Fibers Pervious Concrete Fibers

The Ferro-Green blend of fibers for pervious concrete consists of 100% recycled polypropylene fibrillated (network) fibers and a twisted-bundle macro-monofilament fiber. Read more

Producer Center Products

Don't forget to visit this area of the North Hall. Read more

Easy-to-Use Wash System Easy-to-Use Wash System

This lightweight aluminum chute wash system separates coarse material from slurry wastes and returns the waste to the drum using a simple displacement principle. Read more

World of Concrete—World of Opportunity World of Concrete—World of Opportunity

Where else can you find more than 50,000 fellow concrete construction professionals and more than 1200 exhibiting companies than World of Concrete. Read more

Slugging It Out Concrete Returns Slugging It Out

Ready-mix production could top 300 million yards in 2012. Read more

2012 Influencer: Franz-Josef Ulm The Most Influential People 2012 Influencer: Franz-Josef Ulm

The MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub takes to the streets. Read more

2012 Influencer: Jim Wagner The Most Influential People 2012 Influencer: Jim Wagner

Jim Wagner wrote the book on ready-mix dispatch. Read more

2012 Influencer: Major Ogilvie The Most Influential People 2012 Influencer: Major Ogilvie

All of these industries have or will have check-off programs, if Major Ogilvie has anything to do with it. Read more

Shoulder to the Wheel Concrete Returns Shoulder to the Wheel

Leaders have no choice but to reach agreement on the Fiscal Cliff. Read more

When in Vegas

World of Concrete from Feb. 4-8 is a showcase of green products and services for the industry. But venture outside the Las Vegas Convention Center, and you will find some of the country's most interesting sustainable construction projects only minutes away. Read more

It's About Time Problem Clinic It's About Time

We are constantly battling time constrains on ready-mix deliveries and need help extending the time limits on some projects. We can maintain slump with water reducers easily beyond the 60 or 90 minutes allowed in the specifications. What advice can you offer? Read more

Changing Times Changing Times

The industry should be thankful it has changed with the times, just like our Influencers. Read more

How to Manage Risk

In his NRMCA Industry Data Survey presentation at the association's ConcreteWorks conference in National Harbor, Md., in September, Pierre Villere, president and managing partner at Allen-Villere Partners, gave advice to producers on how to manage risk in the future. Read more

Producer Warms to Solution for Dry Compressed Air Producer Warms to Solution for Dry Compressed Air

The winter season and its frigid temperatures pose unique challenges to concrete producers. Ozinga Brothers, a ready-mixed concrete producer whose operations extend throughout Chicago, Northeast Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and Michigan, is not an exception. Read more

SMART Customer Goals

Now is the perfect time to look back to evaluate and peer forward to plan for the next year. The ready-mix industry is steeped in best practices and measuring efficiencies related to operations. Read more

Distinguish your Brand with Customer Service

Have you ever considered that you appear to be exactly like your competitors? They hire the same kind of people. They teach them the same things. They deliver the same product. Most customers would be unable to articulate how your company is different, besides the signs in front of your office and your plants. Read more