July-August 2015 Table of Contents

Concrete Plant Upgrades Concrete Plant Upgrades

The most common reason producers are replacing old equipment is that plants are just wearing out. In many areas, they are operating plants fabricated and erected in the 1960s and 1970s. Read more

From the Editor Concrete Mix Names

The concrete industry doesn't need to develop a single product code naming convention and force all producers to use it. Read more

Product Pulse: Mixing Equipment Product Pulse: Mixing Equipment

The July-August issue of The Concrete Producer focused on Mixing Equipment. Read more

From the Editor Specification for Ready-mix Concrete

The purchaser is required to inform the ready-mix producer of the specification of the concrete mix. This should be a normal part of doing business. Read more

Concrete Returns Ten Years of Consolidation, Marketing, and Production

The author made eight predictions about the future of the industry 10 years ago. Six were correct. Read more

Extending Vehicle Battery Life Extending Vehicle Battery Life

Six-step maintenance procedure extends 12-volt lead-acid battery life up to five times. Read more

Geiger Ready Mix Producer to Watch Geiger Ready Mix

Geiger Ready Mix laid a strong foundation in the 1860s and has remained one of the foremost concrete suppliers ever since. Read more

A Superior Fence A Superior Fence

In 1986 Superior Concrete Products manufactures and markets a line of eye-catching architectural precast concrete fencing and related products. Read more

Architectural Concrete Architectural Concrete

Satisfactory performance of architectural concrete begins with the mix design that specifies the concrete's constituent parts. Read more

Shaking up Productivity Shaking up Productivity

Besser's machine upgrade technology, Advanced Servo Vibration, is a turnkey package available for CAM machines, such as currently Vibrapacs, Dynapacs, Ultrapacs, and Superpacs models. Read more