November-December 2015 Table of Contents

2015 Industry Data Survey Concrete Returns 2015 Industry Data Survey

As we begin 2016, we think the industry has stabilized, margins have expanded to some of their best spreads ever, and the trend line continues to point upward, even if at a modest pace. Read more

The Most Influential People in Concrete Production in 2015 The Most Influential People in Concrete Production in 2015

Producers who prepare business strategies that address these observable trends will be better-prepared to meet the unforeseen future. Read more

Fuel Savings for Fleets Fuel Savings for Fleets

Here are steps fleet managers can take to determine the best ways to maximize their fleets’ energy budgets. Read more

Accelerated Bridge Construction Accelerated Bridge Construction

Construction of the pedestrian bridge included 15,272 square feet of 8-inch precast deck panels that were set transverse to the main longitudinal I-beams in just four working days. Read more

Pervious Concrete Pervious Concrete Pervious Concrete

Since pervious concrete provides distinct advantages over conventional impervious surfaces, it allows the ready-mix industry to compete for the parking lot market, especially where asphalt has historically been the pavement choice by default. Read more

Buying a new Truck Buying a new Truck

Consider all aspects when specifying new trucks for purchase, including driver retention. Read more

From the Editor Low Concrete Compressive Strength and Cores

ACI 301 gives direction to what is to be done in the event compressive strength results have fallen below the specified strength. Read more

World of Concrete World of Concrete

World of Concrete is where you can learn from peers and experts on the major issues affecting the concrete and construction industries. Read more

Volumetric Mixers Volumetric Mixers

Most volumetric mixers are operated by contractors and concrete producers, with many government agencies and foreign buyers also buying these vehicles. Read more