April-May 2016 Table of Contents

Utah Paving Project wins Award Utah Paving Project wins Award

2016 Triad Award: With foresight, a Utah paving project becomes an award-winning showcase of innovation. Read more

Smart Fleets Smart Fleets

Telematics can help concrete producers increase productivity by gauging maintenance, reducing idling, downsizing the fleet, improving asset tracking and routing, and monitoring safety. Read more

Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers

What have we learned in the past 20 years? Read more

Sky High Precast Sky High

Precast concrete is helping wind turbine towers reach new heights. Read more

Precast Shows Strong Precast Shows Strong

The Precast Show 2016 at the Ryman Convention Center in Tennessee was jammed with exhibitors, engineers, researchers, and attendees. Read more

Volumetric Mixer Volumetric Mixer

The Del Zotto WDZ 2000 Volumetric Mixer is capable of producing wet-cast or dry-cast concrete. Read more

Voeller Planetary Mixer Voeller Planetary Mixer

Low-profile planetary mixer has a center hub that operates with inner and outer scraper blades to create continuous mixing throughout the cycle. Read more

Front-Discharge Mixer Front-Discharge Mixer

The KF3200C front-discharge mixer by Kimble Mfg. uses CAN bus technology to enable operators fingertip controls of all functions. Read more

Redesigned Transit Mixers Redesigned Transit Mixers

Steeper angle of the drums provides increased capactity while allowing for quick loading and unloading. Read more

Other Articles
Past, Present & Future From the Editor Past, Present & Future

More on what happened at World of Concrete, where our industry is headed, and who knows best. Read more

Rear End Safety Rear End Safety

While long-haul truckers and other fleet operators must deal with underride requirements and when to install guards, ready-mix trucks and precast producers operating flat-bed vehicles also should be aware of this issue. Read more

Trump has it Wrong Concrete Returns Trump has it Wrong

There's no reason for Donald Trump and the International Monetary Fund to be so gloomy about the U.S. economy. Read more

The Wells Group LLC, West Liberty, Ky. Producer to Watch The Wells Group LLC, West Liberty, Ky.

The Wells Group is a family-owned and -operated business in West Liberty, Ky. Read more

Problem Clinic Preventing Dust on Concrete

Dusting of slabs has several causes but always results when a layer of weak paste sits at concrete’s surface. Read more

New Plant Construction New Plant Construction

The construction industry is finally starting to invest in new plants and equipment again. Here is a company that can help concrete producers catch up. Read more