January 2016 Table of Contents

3D Concrete 3D Concrete

3D printing is a manufacturing process that builds layers to create a three-dimensional solid object from a digital model. Thanks to its acceptance and development in other industries, it’s rapidly garnering interest in concrete. Read more

Optimizing Admixtures for SCC SCC Optimizing Admixtures for SCC

You can only achieve successful construction with self-consolidating concrete when the SCC mixture exhibits proper rheological parameters. Read more

Smith-Midland Completes Precast Wall Smith-Midland Completes Precast Wall

The panels were formed and hand-stained to mimic the look and color variations of a natural stone wall. Read more

Sierra Ready Mix Producer to Watch Sierra Ready Mix

Fulfilling the needs of contractors is paramount at Sierra Ready Mix, which has been locally owned and operated since 1994. Read more

Clean Diesel Engines Clean Diesel Engines

Selective catalytic reduction allows diesel engines to be tuned and optimized toward maximum fuel efficiency, while the SCR systems efficiently treat the engine-out exhaust. Read more

From the Editor Aggregate Gradation Matters

How we buy and sell aggregate is quite different, and it can lead to trouble. Most specifications require coarse and fine aggregate to conform to the requirements, including the gradation, of ASTM C33. Read more

Fiber Check Fiber Check

When a concrete order includes fibers, producers and contractors have guidance on how to keep the numbers right. Read more

Concrete Returns Millennials Help Save the Economy

The expanding economic picture bodes well for the pent-up demand that exists among Millennials to form new households, and ultimately buy a home. Read more

Looking to 2016 From the Editor Looking to 2016

It's a great time to be part of the concrete industry. We need to be ready to embrace the advancements and challenges that come our way. Read more

Producer Center Products at World of Concrete Producer Center Products at World of Concrete

The World of Concrete Producer Center is in the convention center's North Hall. Read more

Tips for Spec'ing Ready-Mix Trucks Tips for Spec'ing Ready-Mix Trucks

Five tips ready-mix haulers should follow when they spec their next truck. Read more