Steel/aluminum bodies

Benson International offers a line of high-performance dump bodies with several features. Hydraulic options include aluminum and steel hydraulic tanks, center-positioned hydraulics, double- acting hoist, and underbody hoists. Each body can be ordered with various safety-enhancing options, including reflective tape, revolving lights, safety hooks, and strobes. Other popular options include aluminum tool boxes, chain boxes, lift axles, tarps, and wing valves. Benson International Inc. 877-489-9020. NTEA Booth 2013

Dump-body vibrators

This line of compact, lightweight vibrators helps dump-body owners increase productivity while reducing equipment wear. Material is more evenly distributed upon emptying, employees will not need to manually empty beds, and there's no need to bang on the dump-body sides or tailgate to loosen material. Each vibrator bolts to a mounting plate welded to the frame. To activate, simply push the button, and the unit works automatically. Cougar Industries Inc. 800-262-2106. NTEA Booth 621

Bed liners

Re-Pro dump-bed liners let users haul gravel, rock, limestone, fly ash, and other heavy and highly abrasive loads. Installation is quick and easy (each liner comes prefabricated with the necessary hardware, fasteners, and edge protectors), and the products let drivers dump more quickly and cleanly, eliminate the need to dig out stuck loads, and reduce the risk of rollover. Choose from three liner thicknesses (up to ½ inch) and various line widths. American Made LLC. 800-356-0524. NTEA Booth 3748

Custom bodies

The Select body program lets you custom design a dump body, without incurring the premium associated with special-ordered products. Choose between traditional square or elliptical body styles, and select the steel for the floor, sides, and ends to fit your needs. Accessories and options like cab shields, fenders, ladders, side height and bracing, and tailgate configuration also are available. Crysteel Manufacturing Inc. 800-533-0494. NTEA Booth 3541

Aluminum, steel, or stainless bodies

Chor-Boy dump bodies offer a range of configurations in aluminum, steel, or stainless steel construction. The aluminum DLX bodies are lightweight, easy to maintain, and corrosion-resistant. The Deluxe bodies come in any of the three materials, with vertical box bracing. The E-Line bodies, with economical design, come in steel or stainless steel.

Each body is durable and has a range of optional features to choose from. Thiele Manufacturing LLC. 888-884-4353. NTEA Booth 525

Flat dump bodies

These custom-built flat-dump bodies feature one-piece, 7-gauge floor construction, with no seams to weaken the body. The sturdy crossmembers, gusseted to heavy-duty main rails, lead to minimum frame and body twist, increasing floor life. Advanced hydraulics (with high-quality pumps and power take-off) include twin telescopic cylinders, mounted outside the truck frame on each side. A tough Sherwin Williams finish enhances durability. Ox Bodies Inc. 800-844-2519. Booth 3741


Trends: The phrase “doing more with less” has gone from buzzword to anthem throughout both the public and private sectors, and the adage certainly applies to the area of service bodies. Cash-strapped municipalities and contractors looking at their bottom line are wary of spending money on equipment that doesn't top what's already servicing their fleet, in terms of available features and capabilities, number of tasks it performs, reduced operating weight, and even the way it looks. Vendors strive to meet and exceed customer demands, but the task is daunting.

“The biggest single customer challenge: They always want it lighter and stronger, and oftentimes this is not an achievable goal,” says Hank Wilson, truck body product manager for Benson International LLC. “New materials have helped, but we have yet to design the indestructible body.”

Articulating crane

The Amco Veba 933/3J3 articulating crane, especially suited for construction jobs, has a capacity of 2050 pounds and a reach of 60 feet. Features include high-strength steel construction, advanced hydraulics, state-of-the-art electrical system, and a range of options. Fischer Crane Co. 800-739-4430. NTEA Booth 2400