All-aluminum bodies

These service bodies are constructed of heavy-duty, aircraft-grade aluminum, with tread or smooth surface construction. Each has a 3-inch I-beam floor frame on 12-inch centers. The recessed doors (three compartments on each side) have an interlocking seal. Other features included rubber-mounted seal beam stop, turn, and backup lights; cargo lights on all corners; and bolt-on door hinges with stainless steel bolts and nuts. Alum-Line Inc. 800-446-1407. NTEA Booth 306

Aerial lifts

The AL-25 and AL-32 truck-mounted scissor lifts offer reaches of 25 feet and 32 feet, respectively. Both have a lift capacity of 750 pounds. Choose from standard or traverse platform configurations. In addition, the lifts can be ordered with handrails that are fixed, removable, or removable and folding. Tesco Equipment LLC. 954-752-7994. NTEA Booth 3049

Custom bodies

In addition to standard-configuration bodies, Dakota Bodies offers the option of custom-ordering service bodies. Choose your compartment size, interior configuration, latch variation, and tailgate design. Available accessories include outrigger cutouts and pad holders, recessed rear lighting, access steps, and subframe installation. Dakota Bodies Inc. 866-227-0071. NTEA Booth 535

Body for pickups

The Cover-All service body, designed for use on pickup trucks, is rugged yet lightweight, weighing less than 500 pounds before lining. Able to fit in any pickup, it comes in three standard above-bed heights: 36, 48, and 60 inches (custom sizes can be ordered). The side panes come either smooth or corrugated. Nose cones are available. The rear doors can close at either the pickup floor or the tailgate. Hewitt-Lucas Body Co. 800-766-2689. NTEA Booth 1242


Trends: With the increased push toward integrated communication across a company, from the crew in the field to headquarters, a modern fleet's vehicles are now rolling offices, all-purpose toolboxes, and well-stocked supply cabinets. Fleet managers are looking for tools and accessories that enhance a truck's functionality, but they also want add-ons that add to its overall value.

“Companies want their products to last, and they look for accessories that are maintenance-free,” says Bill Bontemps, marketing director of Anthony Liftgates. “Smart companies analyze the cost of ownership on their trucks and accessories, and they look for the lowest cost of ownership when making purchases.”

Air suspension

The Primaax heavy-duty air suspension is rugged enough to carry heavy loads on or off the road, and it operates smoothly enough for line-haul applications. Characteristics include large-volume, low-frequency air springs, forged-design support beams, easy-alignment feature, axle connections with integrated axle-stop contact pads, height-control valve to maintain proper height, seamlessly fabricated cross beams, and heavy-duty shocks. Capacities range from 23,000 to 69,000 pounds. Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems. 866-743-3244. NTEA Booth 1518

Mobile computer mounting

This range of mobile computing mounts and equipment consoles enables drivers to turn their vehicle cabs into a moving office. The line includes bases and stand that let drivers mount laptop computers in vehicles of varying sizes, from sedans to pickups to large trucks. Jotto Desk. 877-455-6886. NTEA Booth 1308

Liftgate protection

The company offers a galvanized platform that protects the steel of a liftgate against rust and corrosion. The company also offers potted toggle switches and remote, wireless controls; sealed wire connections; power-down hydraulics; and low-temperature synthetic automatic transmission fluid oil. Anthony Liftgates Inc. 800-482-0003. Booth 4728

Electric tarp

The company's electric tarp systems offer users a variety of options and prices to meet a range of municipal and construction applications. The precise electric-gear motor and in-cab-switch operation enable users to cover their loads quickly, easily, and safely. A light-mounting bracket option is available for tarp spool units. Roll-Rite LLC. 800-297-9905. NTEA Booth 4020