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Let's Talk Infrastructure

The Women in Concrete luncheon highlights concrete's important ‘supporting' role. More

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Building Systems R&D Manager Appointed to ICRI TAC Committee

Frank Apicella to represent BASF with three year term on ICRI Technical Activities Committee. More

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Is it the Slab's Fault?

A flooring contractor has experienced problems on four occasions over the years with his two-part polyurethane floor covering not bonding to our concrete slab-on-grade. He has said that the acid-etch process prior to installing the covering did not react very well with our slab surface, based on his observation of the amount of bubbling. He also reports a strong ammonia smell emitted from our concrete as well as a darker appearance of the concrete throughout the depth of the slab. The flooring contractor did not run vapor emission tests on any of these jobs. He was confident he had waited long enough for vapor emission to not be a problem. As the concrete supplier, I am convinced that unless you run vapor emission tests that indicate the emission is below the maximum limit for his product, you are asking for bonding problems. Supposedly the general contractor installed a vapor barrier for the slab-on-grade. The flooring contractor does not believe a hydrostatic head exists under the slab. Water was present in the failed areas. The flooring contractor is convinced that something in our concrete caused his problems. Are you aware of any other factors that we need to investigate related to this type problem? More