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Standing Out In a Crowded Market

Many years ago I first heard the expression:  Fast-Good-Cheap/Pick Two.  This expression applies to many real-life situations. The saying suggests it’s almost impossible to lead any market in all three categories. For concrete producers, it suggests you have to choose two of the following:  great service, great product, low price. More

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Five Essential Qualities for Today’s Ready-Mix Sales Force

As producers are running more “lean and mean,” managers don’t have the luxury of hiring one-dimensional salespeople. TCP blogger Tom Johnson lists the essential qualities your sales force should have. More

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Five Ways to Increase Profits Fast

In the last 10 years of working in the ready-mix concrete industry, I have made an effort to observe and listen to those around me. I was fortunate to complete all four modules of the NRMCA Certified Concrete Sales Professional program early in my career. More

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When Bad Testing Happens to Good People

Apparently the topic of cylinder testing gone wrong struck a chord with TCP readers, who wrote back to share stories similar to the one in last month’s blog. Following are just two humorous examples. More

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If Concrete Test Cylinders Could Talk

As uncertainty continues in the concrete market, one thing that remains constant is the use of test cylinders. More

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Knowledge Equals Profit

Two events early in my ready-mix sales career motivated me to learn all I could about the science of concrete design and placement. More

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Who is Running your Company?

Most of the time, a ready-mix producer operates under the direction of the owner or general manager. These leaders guide the dispatch manager, who decides which customers will receive concrete on a particular workday. However, in some companies, the dispatch manager receives little guidance or information from management about which customers should be a higher priority, and how much variance from a promised delivery time is allowed. More