Enclosed Curing

With the enclosure accordioned back, concrete can be placed directly into the forms.

Enclosures can be set up indoors to control the curing environment.

Enclosures can extend to almost any length.

Steam generators are in position for curing of the bridge elements for the new Tappan Zee Bridge. Enclosure doors will be closed to create an airtight closed curing environment.

Steam generators keep forms and concrete at the optimum temperature for curing.

Retractable closures can be used indoors without a track to create an ideal curing environment.

Another approach to temporary structures is this tent that can be positioned by crane.

Lightweight, modular, retractable enclosures essentially serve as both a building and a tarp.

A retractable enclosure allows the use of gantry cranes to move the finished precast elements.

Retractable enclosures create a bright pleasant workplace for casting precast members.

Easy access to the casting beds is the biggest advantage of retractable enclosures.

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