Energizing the Wall Market

Zero Energy Systems’ plant opened in late 2014 and is strategically located in Coralville, Iowa, serving the Midwestern marketplace. CEO and chief operating officer Scott Long's current venture represents a new approach to marketing and producing insulated concrete wall panels.


All of the structural, high performance insulated concrete panels are designed for delivery on trailers that do not require special permitting as a way for minimizing delivery costs.

A partial overhead view of Zero Energy Systems’ advanced manufacturing plant shows it is designed on a carousel system utilizing “pallets” that move from one station to another with Team Members specialized in performing specific work tasks at each station.

Following removal from the tilt-station, this panel is being prepared for delivery from Zero Energy Systems' plant in Coralville, Iowa, to a Chicago micro-brewery project.

This cutaway shows a sample Zero Energy Systems’ wall system utilizing XPS foam insulation and composite wall ties for energy efficiency with a decorative exterior finish. “Insulated concrete wall panels offer designers and owners a cost-effective building product with long-term service life,” says CEO and chief operating officer Scott Long, reflecting his commitment to more resilient construction.

This commercial project is a new office building for a hotel owner/management company currently under winter construction.

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