Jackson Winery

Barbara Banke addresses the crowd at the JSWB's grand opening. Banke is the wife of the winery's namesake, Jess S. Jackson, whose pledge funded the building.

The Jacksons and the Bankes gather outside the JSWB on opening day.

The Jess S. Jackson Sustainable Winery, seen here from the outside, is the first university building to be certified as Net Zero Energy, meaning it leaves no carbon footprint.

The inner workings of the JSWB. The project utilized CarbonCure technology to form CMUs, thus reducing the structure's carbon footprint.

San Francisco-based Central Concrete Supply, along with Basalite Concrete Products and CarbonCure Technologies, helped execute the project's green vision.


The 8500-square-foot building will follow an array of green practices and provide sustainable resources to the nearby Teaching and Research Winery and August A. Busch III Brewery and Food Science Laboratory.

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