Jason Weiss: The Power of Simplicity

Jason Weiss, Ph.D., teaches civil engineering at Purdue University and leads research to prevent one of concrete’s greatest plagues—cracking. Photo: Purdue University

Tim Barrett tests restrained shrinkage with concrete rings at Purdue University's Pankow Materials Laboratory.

Purdue University students Mitch House and Albert Miller test curling and restrained shrinkage of internally cured concrete slabs at the Pankow Materials Laboratory.

Reith Reilly Contractors perform a paving repair job in West Lafayette, Ind., with rapid setting concrete produced by Irving Materials Inc.

Dave O'Mara Contractors place a bridge deck in Shelbyville, Inc., with concrete produced by Shelby Materials using internal curing.

LaPorte Construction places a bridge deck with concrete manufactured by Transit Mix Inc. of Plymouth, Ind.

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