Ozinga Bros. Inc.

Ozinga Bros. Inc. plans to convert or replace its entire 500-vehicle fleet to run on compressed natural gas (CNG) by 2020. The Mokena, Ill.-based producer has built CNG fueling stations at two ready-mix plants, and plans to open more by the end of 2013.

In 2013, the producer launched Ozinga Energy, a new company that provides fleet fueling as well as CnG station design and construction.

In August 2013, Ozinga hosted a silent auction and pervious concrete showcase at its Chinatown plant in Chicago, as part of a fundraiser for the Chicago Public Arts Group. Contractors and public works officials marveled at the works of pervious concrete art created by the Ozinga team and visiting industry experts.

Several installations showcased the “art of pervious concrete,” including a faux beach and beach recliners (as seen at WOC 2013), a stamped and stained concrete arched bridge, a concrete water fountain, and rustic concrete benches and chairs.

The producer invited customers to a pre-event demonstration that included preparation pours of decorative concrete and vertical stamping using its Filtercrete pervious concrete.

David Mitchell of Salt Lake City-based Bunyan Industries brought three new pieces of equipment for the pervious demos: the Baby Bunyan pervious roller screed (also known as the ‘weasel’), upgraded pan float for pervious finishing, and the Bunyan Infiltration Remediation Device (BIRD) wet vacuum for cleaning and maintaining pervious pavement.

Jim Miller, “pervious beautician” from C2 Products Inc., used the company’s Jelly Bean pigment packs to color the exposed aggregate surface of the pervious concrete beach.

Director of Communications, Tim Ozinga, is recruited to create footprints in the decorative pervious “beach” installation.

Brian Lutey, LEED AP and vice president of green building for Ozinga advised the Forest Preserve District of Cook County to consider installing pervious concrete benches and footstools that mimic the look of wood, but are much longer lasting.

John Bazella, of J. Bazella Concrete Construction in Saltsburg, Pa., created pervious concrete benches for Ozinga’s silent auction, stained to look like tree trunks.

A very natural-looking pervious concrete footstool

Ozinga invites customers to visit its decorative concrete showroom at the Chinatown plant, which includes examples of liquid colors, stains, and tools that can be used for stamped and color-enhanced concrete.

A miniature display of Ozinga’s Filtercrete pervious concrete

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