Prairie Material Promotes Roller-Compacted Concrete

The Village of Streamwood Public Works Department picks up the zero-slump concrete in dump trucks and delivers it to the residential jobsite.

The municipal crew uses a standard asphalt paver to place the 6-inch roller-compacted concrete.

Joints are cut every 50 feet to prevent surface cracking, one day after the concrete is placed.

A truck backs into place to deliver a fresh load of RCC, as fresh concrete on the other side of the street is compacted.

An asphalt binder sprayed on top of the fresh RCC acts as a curing agent and a tack coat for the 2-inch asphalt topping that will be added to complete the new street.

Quality control managers at Prairie’s Addison, Ill., plant test the RCC mix as it’s produced to ensure consistent results.

“The level of aggregate moisture is so key to this concrete’s success,” says Jordan Smith, Prairie Material quality control. “The aggregate loader operator is the most important person at our plant.”

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