RCA Portable Precast Plant

The RCA portable precast plant can cast concrete modules for practically any shape and size dwelling unit designed by an architect for multi-story projects. Each monolithically cast concrete module consists of the floor slab and load-bearing demising walls for the dwelling units. The design engineer can specify the demising walls’ thickness, reinforcement, and concretes compressive strength needed to support the entire structure. When sufficiently cured, the concrete modules are ejected from the casting machine and outfitted at a finishing station, and then erected into position to build the structure. Click here to view a slideshow that simulates the construction process for a medium sized multi-family complex.

The first concrete module is erected and set on the building’s foundation to provide two dwelling units.

The second module is erected and set on the building’s foundation opposite the first module.

A precast slab is placed on supports of module 1 and 2 to create a hallway.

Exterior wall panels or facades are attached to the modules as designed by the architect.

Modules can be erected on either side of the first module, and since each module is structural elements, the concrete modules can be stacked for additional floors.

Here’s an artist rendition of a single structure that will eventually contain 40 concrete modules to provide 80 living units.

RCA’s modular production and construction system is easily adapted to multi-family living campuses.

Artist rendition of a completed 4-building quadrangle constructed using 120 double-unit concrete modules to provide 240 living units.

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