Scheduling With Dispatch

figure 1 This chart shows Plant 1 in blue over the red total fleet graph. Total fleet may refer to all of the trucks from plants in a specified area. A green line shows the number of trucks available at a specific plant, while the yellow total line shows the sum of trucks at all plants in the area. At the bottom of the display, the green plant lines show the peak trucks required for this plant each hour. The white lines show the total quantity ordered and delivered for each plant and the quantity per hour that needs to be batched.

figure 2 A day underway at 9:30 a.m. The schedule is adjusted for the remaining loads, the area with no Xs. Note that Plant 1 is overbooked by a couple of trucks while there are a few trucks available at other plants. Plant 1's truck demand in blue is over the Plant 1 green line while the total fleet's is below the All Plants green line.

A dispatcher at Dufferin Concrete manages the day's delivery schedule.

figure 3 The blue graph dips below the green line around noon, indicating that orders can be taken to load and then arrive on the jobsite perhaps 30 minutes later. But the part of the graph that is over the Plant 1 line will spill over and cause deliveries to run late.

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