Spanning the Lone Star State

Precast producers such as Bexar Concrete Works in San Antonio have kept pace with a robust bridge and highway market that is demanding larger and longer concrete elements.

Skilled steel tiers such as Ruben Arrbeda (front) pack enormous bridge girders with dense steel reinforcement before the formwork is pieced together.

General Manager Jorge Hinojosa believes precast concrete will gain an even larger portion of the bridge girder market in the next five years, with highly engineered elements such as the spliced precast/prestressed girders produced by Bexar Concrete Works.

Speed Fab-Crete produces precast sound wall panels using 4-unit battery forms that are set up in a dedicated area across the street from the producer’s main plant.

Speed Fab-Crete is producing 170,000 square feet of precast sound walls for a $2.5 billion highway expansion project in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that also includes precast walkways and mechanically stabilized earth walls (MSEs).

The Clearfork Main Street Bridge is designed with spliced precast girders to create sleek, long spans across the Trinity River in Fort Worth, Texas.

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