Special Delivery: USI’s new aggregate bin

When Utility Structures Inc. hired BMH Systems to replace a 25-year-old aggregate bin, the custom batch plant designers worked during the Christmas holidays to minimize plant downtime.

After cutting open the plant’s roof and bracing it with a steel platform, BMH Systems used a 350-ton crane to remove USI’s old aggregate bin.

Due to rust corrosion, the 55,000-pound bin had to be removed in two large pieces rather than several smaller sections as originally planned.

Workers lifted the new aggregate bin to the roof of USI's plant and used a steel platform to maneuver safely, 75 feet above the ground.

BMH delivered the new aggregate bin to USI's plant in three pieces and assembled it on site.


BMH systems designed the new aggregate bin according to the needs of precast concrete producer Utility Structures Inc., including several sizes of compartments with lids that prevent aggregates from mixing.

As dusk falls, the crew from BMH Systems prepares to install USI's new aggregate bin. "They said once the roof was opened up, they would work nonstop until it was closed - and they did," says Claudio Mion, general manager for USI.

The crew lifted the new equipment, totaling 750,000 pounds, and installed it through the plant roof.

"Other companies shied away from the challenge," says Mion, "but BMH inspected our space and devised an impressive plan."

After the new bin was in place and the roof was closed, the workers took a week off for the Christmas holiday. They finished just in time: when they returned, a foot of snow had fallen at the plant.

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