The ABCs of Bridge Construction

Used often in accelerated bridge construction, the prefabricated bridge units replaced the existing superstructure on both bridges for the Memorial Avenue Rotary Overpass Replacement project in West Springfield, Mass.

A crane lifts a concrete element during construction. Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), using accelerated bridge construction techniques, made improvements to two overpasses: State Route 147 (Memorial Avenue) and U.S. Route 5.

Driven by the Federal Highway Administration, MassDOT has embraced using innovative construction techniques like prefabricated bridge units. By replacing bridges with these units offsite, MassDOT eliminated years of work on the road, reduced onsite construction time, minimized traffic impacts, and lessened work zone safety risks to the public. This was one of several accelerated bridge construction projects in which Oldcastle has participated in the past three years.

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