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    Strength Testing Woes

    Concrete strength testing is a much larger problem for ready-mix producers than many in the industry realize.

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    Possible New SCC Field Test

  • Stripping Product

    To avoid problems stripping product, be sure the form is in good conditon.

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    Controlling Shrinkage

    Many factors influence shrinking and curling of concrete floors.

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    Incompatibility Problems

  • Staying Connected

    ASTM C-1644-06 provides guidance on connectors between concrete wastewater tanks and pipes.

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    Internal Concrete Curing

    There's a renewed interest in developing methods to incorporate internal curing as a tool to reduce cracking.

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  • Designating Blended Cements

    ASTM standard defines specifications for 'green' concrete mix design.

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  • Mortar Aggregate Ratio

  • Silica Fume's Advantages

    As a producer, I would like to learn more about adding silica fume to my mix. What are its effects and where can I get more information?

  • The Benefits of P2P Mixes

    Our county water department recently announced plans to build a new facility. This high-profile project would be the perfect opportunity to present the advantages of a performance-based mix design. What are some of the aspects we should focus on? How should we tout the benefits of performance-based...

  • Vacuum Drying

    Q. We are about to begin a large project that will require our technicians to take hourly field test samples of the fine materials. We’ve started to investigate alternatives to our normal oven-drying procedures. One method we recently discovered is vacuum drying. Do you know anything about this...

  • Measuring Compressive Strength

    Compressive strength is one of the most important measurements in manufacturing concrete. As a producer, I need to know whether this measurement is accurate. How can I be sure my concrete compressive strength results are correct?

  • English to Metric

    We recently won the bid to supply a large project. The good news is that there’s a large volume of concrete; the bad news is that the engineer has called for all of the measurements to be in metric. Converting our batching system to metric is a breeze, as the software supplier has provided an...

  • Preventing Sand Streaking

    We make precast septic tanks and often get water trails on the tank surfaces, even though we use admixtures. Is there a way to avoid these, or will they always have some trails?

  • Controlling Entrained Air Content

    We have started having problems with variations in air content of our air-entrained mix designs. Air content stays uniform for a while, then goes out of the specification range. Usually, measured air content is too low, but sometimes we get exceptionally high values. I know that many factors affect...

  • Lightening Hardened Concrete

    We’ve been asked to bid on an upcoming concrete bridge deck. The project requires a hardened concrete that will resist corrosion. Normally on jobs like this we recommend micro-silica. But in this case, there’s a catch. The bridge is part of a high-profile project that features decorative concrete...


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