Problem Clinic

  • Putting Aggregate to the Test

    We are being forced to look for a new source of coarse aggregate. The problem is our choices are limited. One of our options, and it appears our most economical one, will be from a quarry whose aggregate is known to be susceptible to alkali-silica reactivity.

  • New Approved ASTM Standards

  • Problem Clinic: Green Sources

    Q. We are interested in learning more on how to participate in the green building movement. We are particularly interested in finding out about any standards on products and systems. Where can we start?

  • Spec Watch

    Several important ASTM standards affecting concrete producers have been updated. This list summarizes some committee announcements recently released.

  • Problem Clinic: Concrete on Ice

    Maintaining the temperature of concrete.

  • New ASTM Work Items

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    Strength Testing Woes

    Concrete strength testing is a much larger problem for ready-mix producers than many in the industry realize.

  • Spec Watch

    Possible New SCC Field Test

  • Stripping Product

    To avoid problems stripping product, be sure the form is in good conditon.

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    Controlling Shrinkage

    Many factors influence shrinking and curling of concrete floors.

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    Incompatibility Problems

  • Staying Connected

    ASTM C-1644-06 provides guidance on connectors between concrete wastewater tanks and pipes.

  • Spec Watch

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    Internal Concrete Curing

    There's a renewed interest in developing methods to incorporate internal curing as a tool to reduce cracking.

  • Spec Watch

  • Designating Blended Cements

    ASTM standard defines specifications for 'green' concrete mix design.

  • Spec Watch

  • Mortar Aggregate Ratio

  • Silica Fume's Advantages

    As a producer, I would like to learn more about adding silica fume to my mix. What are its effects and where can I get more information?

  • The Benefits of P2P Mixes

    Our county water department recently announced plans to build a new facility. This high-profile project would be the perfect opportunity to present the advantages of a performance-based mix design. What are some of the aspects we should focus on? How should we tout the benefits of performance-based...


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