The right dump truck can contribute in many ways to your company's efficiency and profitability. Dump trucks handle many tasks that may at times seem minor but are instrumental in producing and delivering your product. The key in selecting a dump truck is to determine how you will most frequently use it. Choosing the size and style of dump body that is large enough and durable enough to perform the type of work that your plant requires is most important. There are several different factors to be taken into consideration when choosing a dump truck. The style of body is important to consider: trucks are available that feature a flat-bed with removable sides, a body that dumps through the tailgate or to either side, or a tailgate that lowers to the ground. Size and capacity should be considered: Dump bodies weigh between 1, 000 and 5,000 pounds. The capacity is measured in cubic yards. Interior width is also important--it lets you know if a truck is able to handle particular items of a certain size. Another characteristic that should be explored is the material the dump body is made from: most bodies are made of steel, but aluminum is offered by some manufacturers. The understructure of the dump body should also be given some thought--various structures exist, ranging from 2x3 inch rectangular tubing to 8-inch I-beams. The hoist should be considered as well: front-mount hoists allow trucks to be mounted lower to the ground but require a doghouse which takes space away from the dump body. An underbody hoist does not require a doghouse but requires the truck be mounted higher above the ground.