Block hauling involves two major challenges to the block producer. One is to haul block productively by trying to eliminate all time-wasting problems that arise throughout the hauling cycle. The other challenge is providing cost-effective delivery by getting block from the plant to the jobsite in the fastest way at the lowest cost. Each producer needs to determine how to best provide that delivery without letting the hauling cost eat into per-block profit margin. Depending on the resources and preferences of the individual producers, this can be accomplished by their either operating their own trucks or by contracting out completely with truck carriers, or some combination of the two. Both choices have thier own benefits and drawbacks. Among the benefits of operating your own trucks are: company control and greater incentive for drivers to perform well. Some drawbacks are: the expense of owning and operating the trucks and other expenses like fuel and oil. The benefits of contracting out include: less hassle and paperwork and fewer employees. The drawbacks are: independent carriers serve many clients and may not always be available when they are needed