Molalla built a new, modern dry batch plant five years ago.
Molalla Redi-Mix and Rock Products Inc. Molalla built a new, modern dry batch plant five years ago.

Being honest and striving for quality is what defines Molalla Redi-Mix. Our President, Mitch Jorgensen, is fully engaged with our day-to-day production and seeking feedback from customers and concrete pump operators so that we're finding and fixing any issues. We are a family owned operation and treat all our employees with respect and patience.

We built a new modern dry batch plant five years ago with Command Alkon control and moisture probes. We're a small operation with only eight trucks right now. Our dispatch people strive to make a realistic daily delivery schedule, and we notify our customers if we're running late or if we can help them earlier. That has paid huge dividends now that construction has dramatically increased over the last five months.

The recession helped us to hone our skills as businessmen, as we had to slice everything to maintain the company. We are carrying several bank and an SBA loan that had to be paid without fail. We have great trust relationships with our creditors that allowed us flexible terms, without which we couldn't have survived. That is accomplished in only one way; we pay our bills. The bank has heavily scrutinized our operations and books, and are very impressed with our resiliency and decision making.

Now that the banks have begun to loan money for housing and commercial work, we are seeing 40-60% increases in sales over last year month to month. Because of the increase in revenues/profits, we have been able to provide health insurance now to our drivers 100% company paid, and pay for holidays and sick/family leave. We have drivers stay with us for two-six years because they know we try to take care of them as much as possible give the economic hardships of the past, and now their patience and loyalty is paying off for them.

Because of our new facility we have been able to service ODOT highway bridge construction successfully and other commercial work that requires strict performance. We have a great reputation among local testing labs, contractors and engineers.

We have an awesome website that's geared towards both the contractor and layperson, with links to the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association website to help educate all who want to learn about concrete. It offers weather radar, concrete calculator, pictures of our facility and work we provide, donations we make to the community and job opportunities we may have.

We also make large ecology blocks with leftover concrete, and we sell and set up walls, bin and other structures for customers. We also produce a 4-inch minus crushed concrete and sell that for road base.


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