Founded as a sand and gravel company in 1933, Consumers Concrete now leads the way in technical advances in concrete production and delivery. The producer was among the first in the Midwest to utilize radio dispatching in their trucks, computer batching of concrete, and to use front-discharge ready-mix trucks. Today, they offer new technologies that improve communication with their customers.

“Our new app-based system allows our ready mix customers more transparency to their concrete orders with real-time tracking of their deliveries, and enables us to provide their order information directly to the customer on the jobsite,” says Thomas Richeal, marketing manager.

The producer operates 22 ready-mix plants and two concrete product manufacturing facilities, all in Michigan, that produce standard and architectural block along with landscaping retaining wall systems, concrete pavers, and more. After selling their sand and gravel business last year, Consumers is now 100% focused on concrete production.

When the recession hit the country, Michigan was one of the hardest hit. Leadership and employees are credited with helping the company get through the recession without sacrificing their core values. Like the rest of the industry, Consumers is working through the challenge of finding new qualified ready-mix truck drivers to meet its growing volumes and is offering competitive compensation packages to entice prospective drivers to join their team.

Pictured left to right: Steve Thomas (Vice Chairman), Bruce Blair (CEO), and Tom Thomas (Chairman).
Consumers Concrete Pictured left to right: Steve Thomas (Vice Chairman), Bruce Blair (CEO), and Tom Thomas (Chairman).

Since safety is their top priority, Consumers developed a new initiative called Home Safe. The program is aimed to go beyond safety gear, by developing safety teams at each location that includes management and employees working together on solutions.

After being family-owned and managed for 83 years, Consumers appointed Bruce Blair as president and CEO in 2016. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Blair will lead the company’s effort to be at the forefront of technology, while offering top-notch customer service. The producer plans to continue its growth in West Michigan and will continue to develop new products to stay one step ahead of the competition.

“We are the company to trust when the concrete matters,” says Richeal.