Silvi Concrete is one of the most innovative and modern concrete companies in the country. All six of our plants are 12-yard central mix, and all 100 of our trucks are front discharge. We use the newest GPS systems in the market place to track our equipment. We pursue the most difficult and demanding projects most ready mix companies shy away from.

Most of our core leadership has been with the company for over 20 years, yet we continue to integrate young people just out of college into the mix. We continually send our staff to National Ready Mixed Concrete Association continuing education courses to stay current with the industry. Larry Silvi personally helped establish and generously funds the Concrete Management BS Program at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

We have begun to aggressively change parking areas from asphalt to concrete and so far this year have converted over 1,000,000 square feet. We have partnered with several different contractors to accomplish this goal. Our customer base is very loyal and we have managed to increase our yardage by 15% for the last three years. This year we are currently running 37% ahead of last year.

We are totally integrated as well. We have some of the largest sand and stone reserves in the Northeast. We feature two sand plants and two stone quarries. We also have the largest cement importing terminal on the east coast. We import 44,000 tons of cement at a time and some years we have imported over 500,000 tons.

We have won several environmental awards over the years and are converting some of our energy needs at our quarries over to solar. We purchased a 155-foot pneumatic arm that reaches into the hulls of cement ships and sucks the powder out so that no cement is dispersed into the air.

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