TCP Survey: A Rebuilding Year
Producers try to make the most of an improving economy by focusing on core businesses. Some budgets are still tight; other producers are buying new equipment.

TCP's Top 10 Producers
The top public companies producing concrete in North America benefited from a recovering U.S. economy in 2013. Many had success in markets where residential construction rebounded.

Game Changers: The Concrete Industry's Managers
During 2013-14, we have seen the exit of many executives who have dedicated their careers to the concrete industry. Their departures could mean significant changes globally.

Casting Trends: Precast Producers see Steady Growth
The National Precast Concrete Association expects precast sales to grow 6%, or $16 billion, in 2014.

Trades and Acquisitions: Up-and-Comers
Several producers have notably increased their stake in the North American concrete industry through trades and acquisitions in key markets.

NPCA: Benchmarking Report and 2014 Precast Forecast
Tracking closely with the overall growth in the construction industry, the precast concrete sector grew by 5.2% in 2013, with total sales of $16.2 billion, according to the NPCA Benchmarking Report, an annual report commissioned by the association from an independent survey company. Also, the NPCA predicts that precast sector is expected to add 6%.

TCP Survey Infographic
A comprehensive and animated representation of the Survey findings to share with your colleagues.

Survey Respondent Map

Zoom in and click on the red tabs to learn more about some of the companies that responded to this year's survey.