“The future will be determined, in part, by happenings that are impossible to foresee: It will also be influenced by trends that are now existent and observable.” — Emily Greene Balch, economist, Nobel laureate.

For the most part, managers in concrete production work in three worlds. First, managers must focus on local markets and conditions within 75 miles of their operation. Second, state legislation and departments of transportation exert control on new major projects and regional decisions that affect quality procedures. And third, the world is the great beyond. These activities that occur in academia impact international and national standards and have economic influences.

For The Concrete Producer’s Influencers this year, the editors have highlighted activities that are making waves in the outside world. The three trends exist and are observable, but may have not been recognized by managers focused on their local and state conditions.

These influencing trends are affecting producers now. Every producer is wrestling with employee hiring, retention, and generational assimilation. Producers are always working to develop new, cost-effective concrete mix designs to satisfy customers. And with the market share battle of a traditional stronghold heating up, every producer must be proactive in promotion.

Producers who prepare business strategies that address these observable trends will be better-prepared to meet the unforeseen future.

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