Portable generators

This Industrial Series of portable generators includes four models: EB3000c, EB4000, the redesigned EB5000, and the EB6500. Each EB unit is powered by the new iGX simple 1 platform engine, along with iAVR Power advantage, the company's exclusive system that realizes a 50% reduction in voltage fluctuation over current AVR systems. Each model provides a different level of additional power output.

Honda Power Equipment. 770-497-6400. www.honda.com.

Energy-saving electric lift trucks

The E30-40XN electric lift truck series features lifting capacities of 3000 to 4000 lbs. and offers an auto deceleration system which reduces operator fatigue. AC motors and transistor controller technology for both the traction and hydraulic systems, reduces the frequency and cost of maintenance.

Hyster Company. 800-497-497-8371. www.hyster.com.

Reanchor and reinforce

The CTP Stitch-Tie is a stainless steel pinning solution for reanchoring existing veneers to various substrates. The process eliminates the need to tear down and replace existing facades, and preserve the beauty and historical integrity of the existing building. CTP Stitch-Tie pins are installed in predrilled holes by use of a dry set tool and a rotary hammer.

Construction Tie Products Inc. 219-878-1427. www.ctpanchors.com.

Mobile reporting

This mobile solution combines NoteVault's daily reporting software and an ultra-rugged GSM cell phone. The phone features a long battery life, GPS tracking, a Gorilla Glass lens that prevents cracks, and a 2 mega pixel camera with LED flash. Enhance your productivity by capturing voice notes, pictures, and GPS location in real time, straight from your mobile phone.

Sonim Technologies, Inc. 650-378-8100. www.sonimtech.com.

Skid loader

The V330 Skid Loader offers 131 in. of near-vertical lift height, an 84-hp turbo-diesel engine, and an operating capacity of 3300 lbs. Equipped with electronic engine control and a foot throttle, it can be operated at partial throttle as the workload allows for lower sound levels and reduced fuel consumption. In the cab, extra-large side screens and optional wide-view front glass door provide more visibility to the work area. An adjustable auxiliary hydraulic control gives the operator the ability to adjust attachment speeds.

Gehl. 800-628-0491. www.gehl.com.