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    Calhoun + CC Series fabric buildings

    The CC (compression coupler) series of fabric-covered structures combines a coupler and gusset for long transfer of pressure over the connecting cords.

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    Big Wipes + Big Industrial+ wipes

    Big Industrial+ wipes consist of dual-sided fabric premoistened with cleaner to remove stains and dried-on dirt from hands, tools, and surfaces.

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    Stanley Hydraulic + HP Twin8 power tools

    The HP Twin8 can power two hydraulic power tools at 8 gpm at once.

  • Britespan + Easy Access temporary structures

    The Easy Access building series enables users to access the structure from the side. The 15-ft-high side entrance facilitates equipment and materials storage, and it enables users to orient the structure for convenient traffic flow.

  • Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co. 205 and 210 STORM weight indicators

    USA-made 205 and 210 STORM weight indicators now offer four bi-directional serial ports, USB connectivity, 8-channel inputs/outputs, digital fill control, 25 IDs, and alphanumeric keypads.

  • Oven Industries 5R7-001 temperature controller

    The 5R7-001 temperature controller creates a seamless transition between heating and cooling devices, as it serves as the commander of thermoelectric modules.

  • National Bulk Equipment material handling system

    The company’s fully integrated bulk material handling system uses RFID-driven process communications to automate simultaneous batching of multiple chemical mixtures during a single processing operation.

  • Juno T41 handheld computers

    Juno T41 handheld computers are built to withstand water and dust, as well as meet military-grade ruggedness standards for drops, temperature, altitude, humidity extremes, vibration, and chemical exposure.

  • SICK Inc. Dx35 mid-range distance measurement sensors

    Cost-effective Dx35 mid-range distance measurement sensors ensure reliable detection of fast-moving objects or objects that are difficult to detect at longer ranges.

  • Batch Plant Products

    Underground concrete backfill specialists, Mining Concrete Ltd., have set up an onsite batch plant to produce concrete for stabilizing and sealing an abandoned hard rock mine in Alberta, Canada. Also, a selection of batch plants and equipment that can help producers meet the demands of any job.

  • Oven Industries + 5R6-900 benchtop temperature controller

    The 5R6-900 unit thermoelectric module benchtop temperature controller can be plugged into the wall as a self-contained temperature control system with its own power supply.

  • RexCon + Mobile 5 Batch Plant

    The Mobile 5 Batch Plant is a portable transit mix plant ideal for remote job sites.

  • Stephens Mfg. + Falcon portable plant

    The Falcon portable plant can handle two 100 bbl silos and a 200-ton aggregate bin, or hold up to 400 tons of aggregate with an optional frame.

  • Advanced Concrete Technologies + ExoClean wastewater treatment plant

    The EcoClean wastewater treatment plant is available in several models, with a minimum capacity of 1000 gallons a day.

  • BMH Systems + Custom Batch Plants

    The company specializes in designing and manufacturing custom concrete batch plants with particular expertise in mobile batch plants and infrastructure projects.

  • Standley Batch Systems, Inc. + Turbomatic

    Produce high-quality concrete at the desired temperature, even in the coldest winters, with the Turbomatic thermal energy unit.

  • Monitor Technologies + Flexar Guided Wave Radar

    The Flexar Guided Wave Radar provides real-time continuous level measurement indications for powder and bulk solids applications, including dusty conditions.

  • BinMaster + Bendable probes

    The company’s bendable capacitance probe fits in tight spaces or in vessels where obstructions prevent the installation of a straight probe.

  • WAM USA Inc. + SILOTOP R03 Filter

    The Silotop R03 Filter features Polypleat filter elements housed in a heavy-duty stainless steel body, and an integrated automatic pulse jet cleaning system inside the weather protection cover.

  • Kaeser Compressors Inc. + Mobilair M350 compressor

    The new versatile, fuel-efficient Mobilair M350 takes its place as the most powerful model in the manufacturer’s portable compressor line.


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