What is the Commercial Group?

Hanley Wood's Commercial Group comprises several magazines that serve specialized fields within the commercial construction and public sectors. These include Concrete Construction, The Concrete Producer, and Public Works magazines.

How is the Commercial Group buyer's guide set up?

The editors maintain a single, common database of all the manufacturers, distributors, associations, and others serving these markets. This includes contact information as well as what products and services they provide.

How is the information made available?

A print version of market-specific information is published each spring. For Concrete Construction and The Concrete Producer these are presented as the Industry Sourcebook issue. The Public Works Manual presents comparable information for that market sector.

The in-print versions of each Industry Sourcebook and the Manual include a set of applicable products and services specifically selected to meet the needs of each magazine's readers. For example, the Manual is the only one of the buyer's guides to include asphalt-related products, while The Concrete Producer Industry Sourcebook includes block-producing equipment that is not in the other buyer's guides.

How do I submit information for a new listing and what products are covered in the Commercial Group Buyer's Guides?

Download a blank form and click here for a complete listing of products in alphabetical order.

Fill in the information and return the completed form via fax to 773-824-2401.

My question isn't answered here. How can I contact you?

If your question hasn't been answered above, send an e-mail to sourcebook@hanleywood.com, or call 773-824-2506.