MIP 2012: Masonry Materials & Equipment

High-Power Hammer

This rotary hammer is able to drill up to 1 1/8-in.-diameter holes or do all-day chiseling, making the RH228VC a good choice for the contractor who needs maximum performance in extreme applications. A longer piston and impact bolt, combined with a precision-machined striker, increases the hammer's efficiency, which in turn increases both speed and power.

Bosch Power Tools & Accessories. 877-267-2499. www.boschtools.com.

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MIP 2012: Masonry Materials & Equipment

Mats Protect Against Moisture

The CAV-AIR-ATOR protects against moisture issues in masonry applications by providing an unobstructed air space for drainage and ventilation. It is light and flexible so that it can easily rest on top of the brick ties. This full-wall drainage and ventilation mat prevents mortar from entering the cavity, clinging to wall ties, or blocking weep holes.

Keene Building Products. 440-605-1020. www.keenebuilding.com.

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Subfloor barrier system

Delta-FL subfloor barrier system keeps out moisture and raises floor temperatures by up to 30 percent. Roll-out design simplifies installation and leveling. Width of less than one-half in. Laminate can be placed directly on top of system. Supports up to 5200 lbs. per sq. ft. Comes with 20-year warranty.

Cosella-Dorken Products Inc. 888-4 DELTA. www.cosella-dorken.com.

Mortar admixture

Formulated to provide long-term protection by reducing permeability and absorption. Krystol Mortor Admixture is a dry powder added to the cementitious mortar during mixing. Ability to resist water under pressure and self-seal minor cracks. Capable for use over concrete masonry walls, mortars and masonry units.

Kryton International Inc. 800-267-8280. www.kryton.com.

Heavy-duty fiber

FERRO-GREEN is used to reduce plastic and hardened concrete shrinkage, settlement cracking, and tough concrete. This heavy-duty fiber offers long-term durability. Non-corrosive and non-magnetic. 100% recycled and 100% alkali proof.

FORTA Corporation. 800-245-0306. www.forta-ferro.com.

Attractive exterior stucco

Designed as a one-coat stucco over exterior boards, the manufacturer's One Coat Fiberglass Reinforced Stucco is alkali-resistant and can be textured to specifications. It provides a high-impact, crack-resistant shell. Approved for a one-hour fire rating.

The Quikrete Cos Inc. 404-634-9100. www.quikrete.com.