Eastern Concrete Materials, Inc., a U.S. Concrete, Inc. (NASDAQ-USCR) company, has announced the introduction of two new high-performance concrete products: Con-Tite EF Waterproof Concrete and Sea-Site™ EF Saltwater-Resistant Concrete. Built on U.S. Concrete’s EF Technology platform of environmentally friendly concrete mix designs, the new products are targeted for use in rebuilding ravaged areas affected by Superstorm Sandy and protecting concrete structures subject to damage from water, and air or waterborne salts. The products are immediately available to the New York metropolitan and northern New Jersey construction markets.

Con-Tite EF Waterproof Concrete eliminates the need for the corrosion inhibiting admixtures used to protect the steel reinforcement that holds concrete together when it cracks and it can also eliminate the need for surface-applied vapor barriers. Sea-Site EF Saltwater-Resistant Concrete is a highly durable, crack-resistant slag and cement concrete mix that helps protect steel reinforcement from corrosion, self-heals small cracks, resists dirt and washes off more easily than ordinary concrete. Sea-Site can also be used in underwater placement applications.

According to Gary C. Graziano, AIA, Eastern Concrete's vice president of sales and marketing, “EF Technology concrete mixes are not only better for the environment, but also deliver superior long-term performance that produces less shrinkage, cracking and permeability than conventional concrete mixes. As a result, they are stronger, cleaner, greener, better-looking and more durable.”