One way to prevent workplace injuries is to conduct a job hazard analysis. This is accomplished by studying a job step-by-step, identifying involved hazards, and eliminating or reducing those hazards. A job hazard analysis should be conducted for every job and employee in the workplace, starting with jobs with the highest rates of accidents. The employees should be involved in the analysis. The conditions under which the job is performed should first be examined for things like inadequate lighting or ventilation, live electrical hazards, faulty tools or equipment, and mechanical dangers. Hazards should be identified, then evaluated to find what causes the hazard and how it can be corrected or avoided. The analysis should be repeated and revised as often as necessary. OSHA provides free on-site consultation services to help employers identify safety and health hazards and recommend solutions. These consultation services are confidential and not made available to OSHA inspectors unless there is immediate, uncorrected danger.