The DrumBlaster
The DrumBlaster

A new mixer drum wash-out system virtually eliminates concrete build-up in mixer drums.

The DrumBlaster daily washout system incorporates an extendable boom with a rotating head. Using recycled or fresh water and a highly efficient electric pump, the spray jets at the tip of the boom provide an aggressive washout. With two 2-minute passes of the boom, residual concrete is blasted away from the sides of the agitator drum and both sides of the mixing blades, as well as thoroughly cleaning the rear A-frame area.

The unit is safe and simple to use and the mixer drum remains stationary. Drivers can view and position the adjustable boom visually at the control deck. The boom is easily manipulated hydraulically: up/down; tilt angled and in/out. The system is designed to accommodate agitator drums from mini to the largest maxi.

Installation can usually be completed in around 3 hours with a small footprint of 16.4 ft. x 3.9 ft. Some trucks may require the inclusion of a hopper flap. As an optional extra maintenance tool, DrumBlaster can supply an electronic monitoring device for recording Site details; Truck number; Date; Pressure wash time. The unit can be used 24 hours a day and will easily service a large fleet of trucks.

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