DualMAX Modular Semi-Trailer
DualMAX Modular Semi-Trailer

This modular semi-trailer can be widened in loaded condition and was designed for the special requirements of heavy goods traffic in North America.

Specific features include Lift & Shift where all axles under load can be easily and securely widened from 14´ to 20´. In this way the loading platform can be adapted to the size of the load or its distribution on the ground so the steering system doesn’t need to be disassembled for the widening process, and the tried-and-tested swing axle technology guarantees optimal maneuvering.

Faymonville’ s DualMAX has a very strong and torsion-resistant chassis with high point load capacities on the central beam and the outer frames. At 10,000 pounds/axle line the DualMAX has an optimal payload to net weight ratio. The flexible vehicle concept permits a load per axle line of 52,900 pounds at 50 mph.

The foldable frame makes easy return transport possible on a conventional semi-trailer. The chassis of the DualMAX is fully metallized offering corrosion protection.


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