Bucket Crusher Attachments
Bucket Crusher Attachments

Atlas Copco Construction Equipment introduces its new generation of bucket crusher attachments that offer higher output and greater reliability than previous models. The new bucket crushers the BC 2500 and BC 3700 process about 80 percent more material due to their hydraulic drive system. The BC 2500 fits 24-ton to 33-ton carrier weight classes, and the BC 3700 fits 30-ton to 42-ton carrier weight classes.

The attachments feature powerful components that allow carrier operators to crush as much as 110 tons of material per hour. The drive system two hydraulic motors and a timing belt generates the high torque needed for powering the crushing jaw. The attachments also feature a reverse function to easily remove any blockage by pushing material back through the inlet.

Crushing material onsite allows contractors to save on transportation costs to a landfill or processing center since they can fit more material in each truck load. They can also reuse the crushed material onsite as backfill, which reduces the costs associated with hauling in material.

Atlas Copco designed the attachments for high reliability and maximum uptime in challenging worksite conditions. Additionally, operators can control the diameter of the crushed materials by easily adjusting the jaw outlet without any special tools. This keeps set-up times to a minimum and allows operators to create varying material sizes.

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