The Ohio Street CSO Abatement Pilot Project was a partnership effort to improve two blocks of East Ohio Street. The area is a gateway into the downtown from Interstate 65. Implementing green infrastructure not only improves stormwater management, but it also beautifies a significant transportation corridor into Indiana's capital. The project improved drainage, handicap accessibility, and deteriorating urban infrastructure to capitalize on recent private investment in the area as a means to continue strengthening the Cole-Noble neighborhood pedestrian environment.

The project incorporated 2650 square feet of pervious concrete sidewalk, 900 feet of pervious concrete curb and gutter, and 750 square feet of rain garden into a larger Rebuild Indy initiative. The contractor hand-formed pervious concrete curbs to attain desired form and compression for optimal void space and compressive strength.

These retrofits manage runoff from 60,000 square feet of impervious surface and will remove more than 1.35 million gallons of stormwater from the combined sewer overflow in an area that lacked any existing stormwater infrastructure. It also creates a safer corridor for pedestrians.

The $53,000 project included a $5000 grant from United Water to Indianapolis Downtown Inc. for the construction of the rain garden. The remainder of the project was funded through the county stormwater budget. Local designers and contractors completed the entire project.

Project Participants

OWNER: City of Indianapolis, Office of Sustainability

CONCRETE PRODUCER: Irving Materials Inc., Greenfield, Ind.

ARCHITECT/DESIGNER: Williams Creek Consulting, Indianapolis

STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Williams Creek Consulting, Indianapolis

GENERAL/CONCRETE CONTRACTOR: Smock Fansler Construction, Indianapolis