Shuttlelift has addressed a growing need for a mobile gantry crane to lift loads approaching 100-ton U.S. plus the weight of a spreader.

The DB 110 double-beam mobile gantry crane has a lifting capacity of 110 U.S. tons. The double-beam, rubber-tired mobile gantry cranes were developed to meet the growing need for cost-effective lifting solutions among those who lift heavy, bulky items from production to transport. The cranes provide high-quality performance, efficiency, and adaptable design, and they incorporate both advanced engineering and customer-driven design features.

The DB series currently includes mobile gantry cranes that range from 30-ton to over 200-ton capacity with units delivered all around the world. Each is engineered to be a customized lifting solution that can address a customer’s toughest material-handling challenges.

One key offering: Shuttlelift’s custom spreader assemblies, which provide the critical link between the gantry crane and the loads being lifted. The Shuttlelift team reviews all possible lifting scenarios with the customer prior to manufacturing the new crane.

Shuttlelift designs the spreader assembly to have the versatility it needs to meet specific lifting needs and even multiple lifting needs. In this business, equipment versatility is key the more you can do with one machine, the more efficient and profitable your operation will be.


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