Super Products, LLC has produced avideo featuring its Mud Dog 1600 and highlighting the boom capabilities, tilt-ejection unloading and other unique characteristics of this 16-yard hydro excavator.

Available on DVD as well as on Super Products’ web site and YouTube, the video effectively demonstrates the 1600’s outstanding boom reach, rotation and upward/downward pivot action that allows crews to achieve greater work area access and deeper digging without the need to halt production to re-position the truck.

The ejector debris removal system on the 1600 is also shown as is the unit’s ability to tilt its collector body, which is especially valuable when unloading into disposal sites that require vehicles to be in a nose-down position. Super Products’ 12-yard hydro vac, the Mud Dog 1200, is also referred to throughout the video as it shares many of the same attributes as the 1600.

The video also highlights the company’s latest innovation, the Acculevel debris load system. Through the use of detailed animation, viewers will get a thorough understanding of how this equipment option utilizes radar to precisely measure and clearly indicate the amount of material in the collector body. And in doing so, provides crews with an accurate debris level reading to prevent the likelihood of overfilling the tank.

Visit to view the new Mud Dog 1600 video or request it on DVD.

Headquartered near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Super Products LLC has been a leading manufacturer of innovative truck-mounted vacuum equipment for municipal, utility, industrial and contactor use since 1972. Its line of Supersucker industrial vacuum loaders, Camel sewer & catch basin cleaners, Mud Dog® hydro excavators, and Durasucker liquid vacuum trucks are recognized for their high quality, durability and ease of operation.